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Floor: Unit Code: Type: Size Sqr Meter: Size Sqr Feet: Price in Pesos: Price in USD:
151 TRU5101 PH 434.070 4672.29 220,841,020.94 $4,718,825.23
141 TRU4101 1BR 98.240 1057.45 45,942,945.90 $981,686.88
123 TRU2305 1BR 97.590 1050.45 41,988,079.44 $897,181.18
107 TRU0703 2BR 162.680 1751.07 61,359,851.80 $1,311,107.94
107 TRU0705 1BR 97.590 1050.45 38,634,330.66 $825,519.89
106 TRU0605 1BR 97.590 1050.45 38,523,251.63 $823,146.40
104 TRU0403B 1BR 117.240 1261.96 44,739,579.11 $955,973.91
104 TRU0405 1BR 97.590 1050.45 38,308,759.60 $818,563.24
103 TRU0303B 1BR 118.630 1276.92 44,881,932.20 $959,015.65
103 TRU0305 1BR 97.590 1050.45 38,205,385.48 $816,354.39

The Trump Organization has found a new home in Manila Philippines and has collaborated with Century Properties, Philippines to create the first Trump-branded residential condominium called the Trump Tower Manila.

The Trump building in Makati will be a 250-unit residential skyscraper and shall be one of the country’s tallest buildings. Bearing the Trump brand, the Trump Tower Manila will be located inside the Century City which is a 3.4-hectare development in Kalayaan Avenue near Makati Avenue, Makati.

The Trump Tower Manila will be an ultra-luxury development which will carry the Trump standard, having features patterned after New York developments owned by Trump. The homeowners in the Trump Tower manila will experience New York Quality in terms of product and services. They will also experience New York City Style of living like being in the cream of the crop of the world’s most competitive and influencial projects.

The Trump standard takes into consideration the best location, design, amenities and services in all its projects. Buildings created by Trump are very architecurally beautiful on the outside and in the inside. The interiors will have themes likened to the combined designs of different Trump Towers in New York City having exquisite furniture and design and decor in every corner. The trump tower shall have a triple-height ceiling for the grand lobby, glass walls, restaurant, garden terrace and lounge, a fitness and spa center, a library, a business center, function rooms and a pool and sky garden. The suites, bedrooms, penthouse units and amenities of the Trump Tower Manila will be crafted, again, to the highest standard the Trump Organization could offer.

Please let us know what you need so that we could assist you.

Trump Tower Manila Building Photos

Trump Tower Manila Room

Trump Tower Manila Room

Trump Tower Manila Room


Trump Tower Manila Room Photos


Trump Tower Manila Downtown Soho

Downtown Soho

A stylish neighborhood in lower Manhattan notable for being home to many art galleries and artists’ lofts, and for its trendy boutiques and flagships of national and international brands. Distinguished for its unique architecture, Downtown SoHo blends 18th century elegance in its decorative cast-iron fa├žade and “hip” interior design through high contrast hues.

At Trump TowerTM Manila lends Downtown Soho’s unique sophistication through ebony wood flooring, pristine white walls with linear paneling and white natural stones in smooth matte finish. Downtown Soho is the ideal interior theme for the upwardly mobile citizen with a contemporary taste in design.



Trump Tower Manila Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Ranked as one of the most expensive avenues in the world, Fifth Avenue remains coveted for its endless variety of upscale retail shops, deluxe apartments and prestigious penthouses. It borders east of the Central Park, making it even more desirable for its lush environment.

Trump TowerTM Manila brings glamorous Fifth Avenue’s classic design aesthetic through art deco in light wood veneer floors and walls, marble and granite natural stones in creams and browns. Fifth Avenue is the perfect interior finish for those who want to enhance and showcase their artwork collections like paintings, sculpture and art installations.



Trump Tower Manila Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Park Avenue Originally known as Fourth Avenue, Park Avenue carried the tracks of the New York and Harlem Railroad in the 1830s. Well-known for its begonia flowers and lush greenery, Park Avenue’s overall design philosophy remains classic and timeless.

Trump TowerTM Manila echoes Park Avenue’s transitional style using traditional moldings on walls and cornices, contemporary wenge wood flooring, lacquered high gloss finish for doors and door jambs, marble and granite natural stones in cream, white and black. Park Avenue is best suited for those who want the best of both worlds – fusing contemporary and classic in interior finishes.


Trump Tower Manila Features and Amenities


Plaza and Water Feature

Trump Tower Manila Plaza and Water Feature



Grand Lobby

Trump Tower Manila Grand Lobby




Trump Tower Manila Pool



Spa Lounge

Trump Tower Manila Spa Lounge




Trump Tower Manila Spa



Video Room

Trump Tower Manila Video Room



Fitness Center

Trump Tower Manila Fitness Center




Trump Tower Manila Library



Business Center

Trump Tower Manila Business Center



Meeting Room

Trump Tower Manila Meeting Room


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