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The Centuria Medical Makati, a project of Century Properties, Inc., shall be the center of out-patient care and medical tourism in the Philippines, which will be located at the Century City in Kalayaan Ave., Makati City. The Centuria Medical Makati is pegged to be a world-class outpatient medical-IT building for local patients and medical tourists. The Centuria building will have 28 floors and more than 500 clinic spaces wherein the latest technology and equipment will be installed to allow doctors to practice their respective disciplines without worrying about things like medical record keeping and the like. Centurial will offer operational efficiency through optional Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). The doctors, in effect, will be able to provide convenient and fast services to their patients.

The Centuria Medical Makati will be comprised of doctors’ clinics with different disciplines of medicine. There will be areas or floors dedicated to diagnostic equipment and services. There will be rooms for aesthetic procedures. We will also have recovery suites, restaurants, cafes, VIP lift, and many other rooms or units for health, wellness and preventive medicine.

We are inviting doctors, dentists, and all medical practitioners to take a look at this very fast selling project in Makati, the Centuria Medical Makati. It is a one-of-a-kind oppurtunity to own your own asset in a premiere location, that is, Makati.

Medical tourism in the Philippines is currently in the 600,000 medical tourists a year mark. In 2015, the Philippines expects a $3 billion dollar profit from medical tourism with as much as 1 million foreign patients. Be a part of this exponential growth in the Medical Tourism Industry here in the Philippines.

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Centuria Medical Makati Photos

Centuria Medical Makati Building

Centuria Medical Makati Building

Centuria Medical Makati Building



Clinic Ownership

Advantage: Freedom from lifetime leasing.

Benefit: Asset ownership and Long-term Financial Freedom.

Centuria Medical Makati Clinic Owernership



Medical/Diagnostic Equipment partnership with GE Healthcare

Advantage: Timely and relevant upgrades ofmedical equipment and its functionalities.

Benefit: Convenience and increased efficiency in your practice.

Centuria Medical Makati Medical Diagnostic Equipment



IT Empowerment

Advantage: Internet and phone line-ready clinic spaces; maximized use of clinic space; paperless and environment-friendly.

Benefit: Improves overall clinical efficiency (easy-to-retrieve records) and Long-term savings (cost on paper and filing).

Centuria Medical Makati IT Empowerment



Operational Efficiency

Advantage: Optional integrated clinical systems; organized patient queuing.

Benefit: Convenience and worry-free practice; increased oppurtunity of getting new patients.

Centuria Medical Makati Operational Efficiency



Sustained Communcations Program

Advantage: Destination selling and branding.

Benefit: Increased opportunity of getting new patients.

Centuria Medical Makati Sustained Communcations Program



Added Services

Centuria Medical Makati Added Services



One-stop Outpatient Medical Centre

Advantage: Most of your outpatient needs, available in one place, and near a shopping, dining, lifestyle and commercial complex.

Benefit: Speed, Convenience and Savings.

Centuria Medical Makati One-stop Outpatient Medical Centre



Unique Healing Ambience

Advantage: Warm and welcoming ambience without the hospital feel; minimal exposure to hospital-related illnesses.

Benefit: Pleasant, relaxing patient experience with the building’s well-designed interiors and organized patient queuing system.

Centuria Medical Makati Unique Healing Ambience



Recovery Suites

Advantage: Unique healing experience while recovering from minor procedures.

Benefit: Convenience.

Centuria Medical Makati Centuria Medical Makati Recovery Suites



Ample Parking Slots

Advantage: Unique healing experience while recovering from minor procedures.

Benefit: Convenience.

Centuria Medical Makati Centuria Medical Makati Ample Parking Slots



Location Map

Centuria Medical Makati Location Map

Doctors, Dentists and Medical Practitioners, it’s time to consider this once in a lifetime great investment in Makati!

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